Data Conversion Services

We at NEICOM through leading technologies and technical team convert data at four stages; one when Data Entry takes place, secondly when forms/applications are scanned, thirdly when data are captured through ICR software, fourthly when data are captured through OMR software.

Conversion during Data Entry:

Data Conversion starts at the very inception when data are entered into the databases through Data Entry which may be exported to the following formats:
CodeGen, CSV, CSV for MS Excel, MS Word 2000, LaTeX, Open Document Text, PDF, PHP array, SQL, Xls/Xlsx Workbook, XML, YAML.
Conversion during Scanning of documents/forms/applications:
When Documents are scanned, each/group of documents could be converted into PDF, Tiff, Bitmap, Jpeg formats.
Conversion during ICR:

During ICR, two kinds of exports are facilitated i.e. Data conversion to Excel workbook, XML, csv, Text file, .dbf file and Image conversion to Tiff, Jpeg, PDF, Bitmap, PNG.  
Conversion during OMR:
During OMR, the recognized value/data are converted into Excel Workbook and XML document which are sometimes linked with the database to generate desired outputs in the form of Reports.